Dinesh Jayasuriya is the Principal Sustainability Engineer at Sustainometrics, where he assists clients to measure their environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance, comply with legislation and reduce costs.

For the past decade Dinesh has specialised in Sustainable Engineering with a focus on corporate-level reporting, monitoring and management of sustainability indicators. More recently he has recently added CSR and Human Rights in Business to his skillset.

Previously Dinesh worked as the Manager of the Utilities & Carbon Monitoring Services team at Coffey Environments delivering services related to Greenhouse Gas emissions, Energy, Water and Waste.

Humanitarian engineering is another area of passion for Dinesh. In March 2010 he deployed to Jerusalem in with UNICEF to help track abuses of children’s human rights. Dinesh deployed again in October 2010 to assist in the UN’s flood relief effort in Pakistan, where his role was to track displaced people and provide information for efficient and effective delivery of aid to those in need.

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