Financial Sustainability: Reduce electricity costs with Solar and Energy Monitoring Systems

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June 24, 2020
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July 9, 2020
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Financial Sustainability: Reduce electricity costs with Solar and Energy Monitoring Systems

Continuing from our previous blog, this discussion looks at energy monitoring systems and how they can facilitate renewable energy opportunities to optimise energy and costs.

The electricity mains profile or building electricity signature is unique for each building, that reflects operational activities and energy efficiency. Electricity monitoring is advantageous in the retail electricity market as it allows you to offer electricity retailers detailed energy consumption and demand patterns. This helps electricity retailers to offer competitive tariff rates for each half hour of the day and at other times of the week.

Another bonus with electricity monitoring besides managing electricity in real time is the history of electricity consumption and demand patterns. Clients have used this history to monitor energy efficiency programs or maintenance activities and will allow benchmarking for best practice and comparison world-wide.

Electricity monitoring also allows electricity bill splitting between tenants, such as in shopping centres and serviced offices. It is also used to improve building management, by helping local managers to identify electricity wastage and electrical demand peaks. Remember money spent on energy costs cannot be spent growing the business.

Electricity monitoring is especially useful for monitoring the performance of your solar system. The leading consumer advocacy group in Australia CHOICE has an article that relates well to solar monitoring.

So what happens after your solar installation ? You may try using your complementary solar monitoring applications, developed for your inverter, such as:

Or dedicated energy monitoring systems, such as:

Please contact Susmet to assess solar and energy monitoring on your sites or building premises.

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